9 purposes I will use this blog for

I know right?

“At Luke’s” doesn’t sound enlightening, nor does that-gourmet-guy.com, so why not list all the purposes of this blog?

  1. Basically just food I eat or cook, most of the time along with recipes
  2. Also food I cook(ed) or plan to cook for special occasions like Christmas Eve or my girlfriend’s birthday
  3. Food I discovered, like a special ingredient or some stuff I hadn’t tried yet
  4. Sometimes just some inspiration for menus, like “Oh, this could make a nice entree”
  5. Also random tips and tricks about how to organize a lovely own kitchen, cupboards, shelves and so on
  6. Stories about myself, how I got to be the cook at home, why I love it, how I changed my culinary style etc…
  7. That company I once wanted to start but never really started
  8. A lot of planning and organizing tips for a menu, dinner, buffet etc…
  9. My experiences at cooking schools and workshops

To start of, here’s an appetizer from the 6 course menu last friday.imag2110