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The 4-course dinner for my dad

Hello there! As promised, here are some pictures of the menu announced last week!

First, we had that self-made raviolo with pre-rolled pasta dough. I was a little lazy, to be honest. I wanted to make the dough by myself at first but then I knew it would save a lot of time buying some high-end ready dough. Anyway, the stuffing is inspired from Alinea’s Black Truffle Explosion. The trick here is to make a truffle stock and reduce it with butter, then put in some gelatin and let it set. Then, later on when cooking the pasta, the solid will warm up and liquefy but it will stay enclosed in the raviolo. Once you eat this little treasure, the dough plops and the liquid spreads in your mouth.

The rest is trivial. A slice of black truffle, some wilted spinach and a fine chip of pecorino.


After that, something you have seen before: Potato, chicken rillettes and pea puree, nothing spectacular but always nice to eat because of the curious shape of the potato and the tasty rillettes.

I plan to post a recipe in the next few weeks so you can enjoy it too.


To continue the delicious trip through French meals, let’s take a look at the main course.

Steamed rose fish, yellow bell pepper mousse, tomato chutney, grilled eggplant, marinated zucchini and herb butter accompany a traditional ratatouille.


Finally, two of my failure-free desserts, which will also get a dedicated post some time soon. Lemon ice cream, fudgy chocolate brownie, some chocolate crumble, lemon gel, meringues and a white chocolate candy I had left.



Stay tuned for more dinners, more recipes and more tips for dinner organization!

9 purposes I will use this blog for

I know right?

“At Luke’s” doesn’t sound enlightening, nor does, so why not list all the purposes of this blog?

  1. Basically just food I eat or cook, most of the time along with recipes
  2. Also food I cook(ed) or plan to cook for special occasions like Christmas Eve or my girlfriend’s birthday
  3. Food I discovered, like a special ingredient or some stuff I hadn’t tried yet
  4. Sometimes just some inspiration for menus, like “Oh, this could make a nice entree”
  5. Also random tips and tricks about how to organize a lovely own kitchen, cupboards, shelves and so on
  6. Stories about myself, how I got to be the cook at home, why I love it, how I changed my culinary style etc…
  7. That company I once wanted to start but never really started
  8. A lot of planning and organizing tips for a menu, dinner, buffet etc…
  9. My experiences at cooking schools and workshops

To start of, here’s an appetizer from the 6 course menu last friday.imag2110