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The 6-courses, meat-themed dinner for my girlfriend (preview for The Birthday Menu 2017)

There is still a month left until her birthday but a successful dinner is nothing without planning.

Usually, I try to gather all my new ideas and experiences at cooking workshops and then design a menu with all this new knowledge. This process actually doesn’t include meat that much but more a typical selection of aromas, cooking techniques and the introduction to new flavors.

The reason why I will make a meat-themed dinner this year is simply the need to share this wonderful dinner experience with more people than just my girlfriend. And who else would come into my mind than her mom and her brother. Since I also wanted to host a meat-theme dinner party for him because he’s a huge fan of meat, I felt that I could combine both ideas and cook a nice 6-course menu based on different meats with one goal: to meet the needs of meat. (That pun was lame, I know)

The menu itself starts with a little hors d’oeuvre combining different molecular cooking techniques.

There will be a little blini, holding a salmon-tartar, some fake caviar of dill oil (spherification) and a tiny notch of crème fraiche. The whole bite will be served in a transparent butter-dish bell and covered with rosemary, thyme and orange peel smoke.

The second course comes as a tramezzino filled with chicken rillettes. The rillettes will hold light aromas of thyme and lavender. On the side of the bite-sized sandwich, a warm tomato ice cream will demonstrate the potential of methylcellulose. A pretty cool hot thing with which you can cook something and let it melt as it cools down.

Of course, it would be a shame to leave out sous-vide cooking in this kind of menu.

So the third course features sous-vide cured and cooked pork belly, along with apple puree or gel , celeriac puree and small grilled and buttered carrot balls.

A little bit more wintry to match the season: the fourth course with pan-seared duck breast, a pumpkin puree, pumpkin oil drops, some vegetable garnish, creamy fried potatoes and some sweet port-jus will heat up the guests.

What would a meat-themed dinner be without a nice cut of a beef fillet? Nothing, right?

The beef will be served as a simple slice of truffled Beef Wellington. A whole meal on its own.

For the dessert, I wanted to avoid cinnamon because my brother-in-law doesn’t really like it. So I started thinking and I think something nice came to my mind.

A hemispheric bowl of white chocolate will be filled and garnished with homemade caramel sauce, vanilla and rum infused pineapple fillets, some black coffee sponge pieces, popping sugar and, for the acidic and fresh part, a few dots of crème fraiche.


The liquid part of the dinner will be an elderflower gin tonic served in an ice sphere.


Feedback and tips are welcome!


How to plan your dinner comes as an app!

Not all the how-to articles have been published yet but I wanted to give you a little sneak preview on what is coming the next year.

Since I will have written all the posts on “how to plan your (gourmet) dinner”, there will be a little thing missing in order to complete the package. What would all the tips and rules be for if we still work with a pencil and a sheet of paper. Come on, it’s 2017! There will be an app for that.

I plan to design, develop and publish an app for planning and executing a full course gourmet dinner preparation with special project management features and menu design tips! So far, the software requirements specification is done and I’ve got to say, it will be really helpful. A complete 8-course, culinary discovery trip, 6 people feeding menu could be planned in no time at all! And by saying “planned” I mean the whole menu, each course has its components and preparation steps defined, the preparation schedule is done and even a grocery shopping list is ready to be checked!

Right now, I’m working on the user interface and since I’m doing this with paper templates, I mocked up a fast and sketchy preview for the iOS-version.



There will be plenty of other features improving the quality of your gourmet dinner.


Stay tuned for more!

Coming soon: 4-course dinner for my dad’s visiting

Hi there!

Tomorrow, another dinner will be served!

In order to save some time planning, I took a look at the menus I’ve cooked and just copied some stuff but also added a few ideas.

On the menu tomorrow will be:

Raviolo with truffles

Potato cylinders, chicken rillettes, pea puree

Rose fish, two ratatouilles: one classic, one deconstructed

Lemon ice cream, chocolate brownie, chocolate crumbles,

lemon gel and meringues


Carrasviñas 2016


Stay tuned for the pictures on Monday Tuesday!

Take a look at the dinner here!


some news about me

Hello everybody!

It has been a long time since my last post. I plan to continue this blog soon.


Meanwhile, I started offering my services on Fiverr:

I will design, sketch and plan a sophisticated menu for your dinner: 

Are you having guests over tomorrow? Do you plan to cook a really sophisticated dinner? Anything in between those needs? No idea or inspiration? I’ll do the extensive planning for you!

Tell me what you want and choose your package. I will think of all the courses, combine matching components on a dish, consider veggie/vegan/allergies requirements and every other wish. Want to make it look fancy? You’ll get the plating ideas as a drawing.

Need to know how to cook a specific meat the right way or how to make the perfect chocolate ice cream? Pick the Standard or Premium Package and you will get all the recipes along.

You can choose even more options in the requirements! Grade of sophistication, special ingredients to consider or to leave out, project timeline etc…

You get a PDF-document with all the options you specify. The only thing you need to do is just the same as a cookbook…you buy food and process it.


9 purposes I will use this blog for

I know right?

“At Luke’s” doesn’t sound enlightening, nor does, so why not list all the purposes of this blog?

  1. Basically just food I eat or cook, most of the time along with recipes
  2. Also food I cook(ed) or plan to cook for special occasions like Christmas Eve or my girlfriend’s birthday
  3. Food I discovered, like a special ingredient or some stuff I hadn’t tried yet
  4. Sometimes just some inspiration for menus, like “Oh, this could make a nice entree”
  5. Also random tips and tricks about how to organize a lovely own kitchen, cupboards, shelves and so on
  6. Stories about myself, how I got to be the cook at home, why I love it, how I changed my culinary style etc…
  7. That company I once wanted to start but never really started
  8. A lot of planning and organizing tips for a menu, dinner, buffet etc…
  9. My experiences at cooking schools and workshops

To start of, here’s an appetizer from the 6 course menu last friday.imag2110