The creamiest foolproof lemon curd ice cream recipe (3-ingredients only!)

There’s nothing better than the sweet natural taste of lemon. That’s why I write this post to show you the simplest way to make a 3 ingredient lemon curd ice cream.

Believe me, it is not as sour as lemon jelly and actually just the right ratio of sweetness, creaminess and sourness.

The recipe is best suited for an ice cream machine as it helps to reduce crystallization but you can also make the mixture and mix it every 30 minutes and put it back into the freezer.

There’s no need for eggs, additional sugar or whatever!

1 part of Chivers Lemon Curd (usually 320g /11.3 oz. glass)

1 part of greek Yogurt

1/2 part of crème fraiche


Mix it, put it in the ice machine for 25 minutes and freeze for 30-60 minutes before serving. Serves 2-6 people, depending on the greediness of your guests.

Serve pure or with some lemon zest. Here’s what it looks like accompanied with goat cheese mousse and hazelnut bread.


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