How to (my own): plan your dinner, step 7

Today, we’re taking a look at the next-to-last step in our series: “Plan your dinner”.

Once we’ve gathered all the single activities and their needed time, we can start the backward scheduling.

For this, you can use a tabular programm such as Excel. If you’re old fashioned or don’t have Excel, you can do it the old way with paper and a pencil.

What you want to do here is taking each single time section of a component and try to do as many things in a really short time. Make your schedule compact be executable. Pay attention to the activities requiring your full presence. Before starting them, make sure some time-consuming activity like dough-raising or the cooling of some dessert is already in progress.

Although most of the planning is common-sense, it is actually interesting how much time you can save by simply doing several things at the same time.

When your scheduling is done, you can also write it down in working steps, just like a to-do list. This gives an alternative view of your planning.

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