How to (my own): plan your dinner, step 6

Hi, I’m back again with another post today in the category: “How to (my own): plan your dinner.

We’ve planned the content of the dinner so far…

…what you want to do once your dinner is designed, is really planning it.

First of all, list up for each course each single component in order to visualize what you are gonna need to prepare. In my last 8-course dinner, I had not less than 46 components to prepare or put in place.

So this step might sound trivial but it is crucial for a successful dinner planning.

Once you have written down all your components, analyze each one and think of the way you will prepare it. Is there a recipe for it? Will you need to cook it yourself? Could you even cheat a little bit and buy it ready?

For most of the components, I prefer to prepare them by myself or think of a way to cook them. For example, making a pea puree or steaming a fish doesn’t need that much skill. On the other hand, when I bake, I really rely on recipes which have been approved by the online community where it is posted.

Then again, my so-called “lemon gel” is nothing else than some lemon curd coming out of a syringue, it totally does the trick.

Whether you cook it on your own or you use a recipe, the essential action here is writing down the total time it will need. If you make up a recipe, I’d like to advise you to calculate with 10% more time. This is really important for the next step in these series.

When you’re done writing the total time, you will need to decompose each component time into distinct parts: for example, if you intend to make ice cream, you need to calculate with 10-15 minutes preparing the mixture, 20-30 minutes letting the ice cream machine do its job and then again 10 minutes for putting it into a container for your freezer, then tidying up the little mess you’ve just made.

All these time sections will be useful in the next part so once you’ve done this, you are ready to move on.

At the end of this step, you should have something that looks like this:

(Don’t mind the German component names)

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