How to (my own): plan your dinner, step 3

Whenever you plan a dinner, you need to make its components depend on several factors:

-What’s the spirit of the dinner? Is it some family meeting, a dinner with friends, Valentine’s Day, Christmas? Depending on that, you will want to adapt some ingredients. You will most likely want to fit the occasion. Thy typical essence of a dinner can be romantic on Valentine’s Day, heartwarming on Christmas or cozy on a dinner’s night with friends.

-What season will it be? Of course you can serve oranges on a hot day of July because of its refreshing taste. But does it really match the season? Will you surely be able to buy it at your local supermarket? Depending on the season, you have to make the ingredients fit it otherwise you will end up at the store and realize you might be missing an essential component for your dinner. Use some seasonal articles!

Is it winter? Make the main dish with some red cabbage, brussel sprouts, duck, goose or whatever fits the season. The dessert can be a variation of chocolate, cinnamon or raspberry, although chocolate is an allrounder. Use tomatoes, basil and other ingredients in summer, as they are cheaper to buy then and might have been produced locally.

-Who is the person getting this dinner? Either it’s your partner or some friends or the family, it might be necessary to vary the content of it. If it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend and you’re aiming for some nice time after dinner, opt for prawn, chili, cinnamon, ginger and other similar ingredients which have aphrodisiac properties. Of course your family probably won’t want that, so try out some special ingredients which they might not know yet such as black garlic, tonka beans etc… Dinners are an excellent way to discover new dishes or food they presumed as inedible. And why not make a dinner with friends with some tapas based courses?

Got the motto? Got the spirit of your dinner? Alright, let’s move on to next step!

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