some news about me

Hello everybody!

It has been a long time since my last post. I plan to continue this blog soon.


Meanwhile, I started offering my services on Fiverr:

I will design, sketch and plan a sophisticated menu for your dinner: 

Are you having guests over tomorrow? Do you plan to cook a really sophisticated dinner? Anything in between those needs? No idea or inspiration? I’ll do the extensive planning for you!

Tell me what you want and choose your package. I will think of all the courses, combine matching components on a dish, consider veggie/vegan/allergies requirements and every other wish. Want to make it look fancy? You’ll get the plating ideas as a drawing.

Need to know how to cook a specific meat the right way or how to make the perfect chocolate ice cream? Pick the Standard or Premium Package and you will get all the recipes along.

You can choose even more options in the requirements! Grade of sophistication, special ingredients to consider or to leave out, project timeline etc…

You get a PDF-document with all the options you specify. The only thing you need to do is just the same as a cookbook…you buy food and process it.


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