The awesome 6 course dinner for her Birthday

Got curious as you’ve seen the picture on my previous post?

Alright, here’s the description of the 6 course menu I cooked fpr my girlfriend’s birthday, have fun reading 🙂

Courses: 6
Time spent cooking: gross 2,5 days, or around 18h
Stores frequented for groceries: 4
Money spent on groceries: three-digit

Worth it? TOTALLY

Consisting of six courses, this menu was supposed to call on all of my abilites and experience from earlier cooking sessions. Mixing a little gourmet, molecular and high-end ingredient, I wanted to have a meal with mixed tastes, various textures of several flavors and fulfill her foodie wishes.

Of course it had to be a secret what each course consisted of, so I really had to plan hiding, secretly or even at school.

As her birthday week approached on the calendar, I had everything figured out on how to cook, when to cook, what to cook and where to get the ingredients.

Then it started:
Wednesday morning: Two different market places and two different stores later, I was able to start with preparing the ice cream mixtures (which had to be chilled at east 12 hours).
Thursday: Prepare the desserts, other sweets and salty stuff.
Friday: Final cooking day! At like 4 pm, I was ready to dress the table.

Now enjoy the 6 courses just as much as we did!

Appetizer: Croqueta de jamon, Chorizo Chip and green salsa along with cress and some cream cheese snacks (These were store bought, I thought they’d fit nicely on that dish so I’ll call it a cheating move)


1st main course: a tour through Near East… couscous with peas, harissa, lemon gel and mint jelly accompagnying pink lamb ribs, thyme juice and cardamon infused butter.


Entremet: Liquorice ice cream


2nd main course: deconstructed lasagna… beef filet, tomato in several textures as sorbet, candied and oven-dried, carrot puree, grilled carrot, celery puree, parmesan-chip, basil mousse, caramelized onions with red wine, olive oil sand and finally black garlic


1st dessert: saffron panna cotta, pumpkin spice parfait, vanilla meringues and pistacchio along with some edible blossoms


2nd dessert: deconstructed raspberry jam tart (Linzer Torte)… cinnamon crumble, vanilla-raspberry macarons, raspberry ice cream, almond foam, gingerbread buttercream


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